Climate Spheres UK winner of Journey to Net Zero competition

Climate Spheres UK is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as a winner of the SSFF Journey to Net Zero competition.

COP27 recap

Matt Dickinson attended COP27 on behalf of Climate Spheres UK and Climate Spheres US, he reflects on the experience and the outcome.

Anaerobic Digestion in Agriculture: Role to Net-Zero

To reach net zero we must decarbonise our energy supply. Biogas produced by anaerobic digestion can play an important role in the transition to a low-carbon energy sector and it can offer great co-benefits for both the UK’s climate goals and the agricultural sector.

What Does The $130tn Climate Pledge Actually Mean?

One of the announcements made at COP26 that raised the most eyebrows came from Mark Carney. The former governor of the Bank of England declared that $130tn of capital would be ‘committed to net zero’.

Why A More Sustainable And Robust Food System Must Become A Central Focus For UK Climate Policy

The issues of food shortages in 2021 highlighted vulnerabilities in UK food supply. Climate impacts will exacerbate these issues.

How Can UK Farming Reach Net Zero?

Estimates indicate UK farms emit 45.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year (MtCO2e/year), representing approximately 10% of UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) have set out their plan for reaching net zero by 2040.